Our services include a wide range of services such as boat part-foiling, fender protect or boat full-foiling. The same applies to the 3M™ DI-NOC™ Surface Finishing from 3M, this is mainly about decoring the interior. As far as the flags are concerned, there are hardly any limits to creativity, regardless of whether they are about classic motifs and corresponding design, or about significant signs and individual eye-catchers. If you have any ideas, we will gladly provide you with a wide range of ideas, and you'll be sure to find the right design for you. As far as the outdoor area is concerned, our partner 3M offers attractive high-performance "1080" foil in almost 100 colors and shades. Whether matt, glossy or metallic, we consider your wishes specifically. This also applies to mixed constellations in terms of color or texture.

For example, you might like the carbon-look very well or might be interested in color gradients? No problem for us, with the digital printing film "IJ480" in combination with glossy or matt colors you will have what you look for. No matter which individual design you ultimately choose, we implement it for you. Because customer satisfaction is of utmost significance to us. Transparency is very important to us. A comprehensive discussion in advance provides transparency on both sides, so that the customer's wishes can be worked out to the utmost satisfaction.

Boat foiling, Sail print und More

Whether it's boat-foiling or sail-printing, we make sure that you can really enjoy your sailing on the sea. We also offer boat full-foiling. As far as the interior is concerned, 3M offers around 700 different designs with the 3M™ DI-NOC™ Surface Finishing. The foils have above-average durability. The same applies to the qualitative processing and the flexibility of materials. A variety of structures and colors are available to you as desired. You can choose from 100 shades and structure-designs here. So it's fun to get creative and let your imagination run wild. Possible variations can be addressed in a corresponding conversation. If required, we will also provide you with existing samples so that you can more easily get an idea of the design options.


If necessary, we take over foiling and designing for motor and sailing yachts. During the process, from designing through printing, then protective lamination and cutting, up to the final result at your yacht we are at your disposal. We take into account individual wishes regarding the color design and size. Depending on your wishes, we provide our customers with popular templates or implement special requests. The advantages of yacht foiling are obvious. On the one hand, the paint is protected and, on the other, little decorative scratches are sealed on no-longer-new boats and are thus no longer visible. Furthermore, this variant is a cheaper measure than a new paint. In addition, the colors do not fade, because the intensity and radiance of colors are retained by the UV light resistance.


The 3M™ DI-NOC™ Surface Finishing represents a deformable adhesive foil which is offered by 3M company. The flexibility of the foil affects the 3D format. If you prefer simple elegance, you can opt for a monochrome foil, for example. Just compare the diverse designs and find what you are looking for. The foil is extremely resistant and offers a water resistance. (Salt and fresh water)


A comprehensive design not only applies to foiling, but also to the desired lettering for your boat. The foil labels are especially suitable for surfaces that are smooth. We offer the perfect professional and effective lettering for boats and yachts. The big advantage of our foil lettering is that the foil can be self-adhesive. This makes the assembly much easier.


Beach flags are effective advertising for the interior of boats, the same is true for the outdoor area. In addition, the flags can be used in many ways such as for shops, trade shows or stalls in general. The flag models are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Above all, hoisted flags enormously represent popular advertising means, no matter it is about the classic country flags or individually created models. Again, different sizes and formats are offered. Finally, we offer attractive Sail-prints with individual prints, lettering and motifs made according to required sizes.

In addition to our services, we also offer project insurance.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact our team of specialists to clarify the first questions. We are happy if we can help you.